Viper Recovery



We are:-

          Licensed by the Motorsports Association (MSA)   

          A Member of the Association of Motorsport Recovery operators (AMRO)

          Qualified in extended First Aid

Some of the equipment we carry and use are:

The New Recovery Vehicle

 The "Dolly"   

Recent Recoveries

Training Day


The Motorsports Association requires all Car Rally organisers to have a safety infrastructure in place in order for the rally to be allowed to run. We, as a licensed MSA Unit, form a part of this infrastructure.  AMRO is responsible for the training and assessment of Recovery Crews.

Our main purpose is to supply a specialist recovery of rally cars from the rally stage when they have either, broken down or have been involved in an incident. Additionally, we have trained with Rescue Units and are able to give assistance where required.

For further information on Viper Recovery you can email

Or you can Telephone Mick Shepard on 07976 298228